1Is a diet Paleo expensive?
The Paleo-principle, seasonal, buy local and organic foods and to eat, makes Paleo expensive, but to feed on finished products. But: Seasonal and regional foods are usually cheaper than imported fruits and vegetables. When meat is an important principle, not only the fillet and eat the breast, but the whole animal as possible. Offal and meat with bones (chop, oxtail, Haxen, etc.) are also cheaper and if you buy them directly from the farmer, is the price again deeper.
1Paleo is not meat-heavy / protein-heavy?

We Paleo followers eat meat regularly, poultry, Fish and eggs. As we place great emphasis on animal welfare and feeding, the meat is more nutritious than conventionally held animals. The fatty acid composition is optimal. Such pieces of meat are nutritious (contain many minerals, Vitamins and healthy fatty acids), that we are already fed up with smaller portions.

Paleo is a balanced diet. When you start with Paleo, made your daily calories from ca. 30% Protein, 30% carbohydrates and 40% fat. Can you depend on your personal goals adapt, with. B. eat less carbohydrates and more fat, to reduce body fat.

1Paleo has a scientific basis?
The study of primitive peoples has brought many insights, in. a. also, that there was not ONE Paleo diet, but depending on the region different diets. What was the same for all: They ate natural, unprocessed products without artificial additives. And this is precisely the basis of the Paleo Diet: Essen, was regional, is seasonal and if possible biologically grown / cultivated.
1Paleo needs more time to implement?
Shopping and cooking to Paleo principles need time. That's right. However, many soon becomes a habit, the processes occur and routine makes everyday life easier. What is it in return, can not be bought with money and time. You are healthier (fewer sick days), you're fitter, you have more energy, you are happier and happier.
1Can I apply the principles of Paleo in the restaurant?
You can almost eat at any restaurant for the Paleo principles. First, you can, for example, order a salad and give yourself oil and vinegar over it. Then you order you a piece of meat, Fish or poultry with vegetables. Instead of a side dish you ask for a bigger portion of vegetables. Also on sauces you renounce better. Alternatively, you can search for herb butter or olive oil demand and give them generously over meat and vegetables. For dessert right after dinner you can enjoy a small fruit salad.
1What do I do with desire for fast food?

Also on fast food you do not completely without. The quality of food is very likely not be too high, but a good compromise are Kebab in the box (without bread, The surface oder Pommes) or hamburgers without buns. Only on pizza and sandwiches you renounce your health and slim line for the sake of better.

Are you looking for food on the fly, suitable Sushi, especially if you do not want to lose weight, and / or sashimi with seaweed salad, Chicken legs and vegetables from the supermarket take-away, Tuna salad, etc.

1Do I really 100% Paleo life?

No, you must not 100% Paleo life. I do not know, was 100% Paleo is. If you are on the Paleo principles 80% einhältst, is perfectly adequate. Are you healthy and happy with your weight, and is even a Paleo dessert or an exception in it.

No exceptions for health problems. Thus, should. B. be eaten no gluten in celiac disease. Exceptions will be punished with as severe to very severe symptoms.

1Why can I not eat legumes?

That you can not eat legumes should, is related, that they can not eat raw, which in turn is an exclusion criterion for "hardcore" -Paleo pendant. But: In legumes, the spectrum of very indigestible to easily digestible varieties ranges. Shroud, Peas and green beans are easier to digest than beans, which must be soaked and cooked for several hours long (z.B. black beans). This also often cause bloating from.

Beans are often praised as good protein supplier. However beans in addition to the protein, especially of carbohydrates and indigestible fiber, the burden our digestion.

Generate pulses with you gas and bloating, this is a clear sign, that you can not fully digest this and better renounce it.

1Fits rice Paleo?

"Hardcore" -Paleo supporters say clearly, that rice does not fit Paleo, because it is a grain and can not be eaten raw. Many experts consider Paleo rice but as a neutral food. This means, it is harmful neither healthy nor. Rice does not contain gluten, what a great advantage over the gluten-containing cereals (wheat, rye, Dinkel, etc.) is, which sustainably damage the intestinal walls.

Since rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, it should be eaten in combination with protein and fat, increases so that the blood sugar level is not too fast and too high. In the phase of body fat loss carbohydrates should (trip, potatoes, sweet potatoes) are limited and eaten for dinner only.

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